Torani Pure Made

Consumers are on a quest for more natural, simpler products. They are demanding label transparency and simple ingredients. And they are not willing to compromise on flavor. We completely agree.

Two years ago we took a hard look at our syrup offering. We have always been driven by amazing flavor. We have always believed that amazing flavor should be accessible by everyone. But we knew that we had a calling to deliver a simpler, clean-label product line.

So we were faced with two paths: 1) Modify our current line of products, which many customers value for the flavor consistency and shelf-life, and many consumers love the vibrancy of our colors. 2) Create a second line that delivers against the wants and needs of many customers who desire amazing flavor, while also providing label transparency and a clear ingredient list.

We are not going to walk away from our original syrups. We love them for their amazing flavor, brilliant colors, flavor consistency, and shelf life. Instead, we decided a second line of products was needed to meet the evolving needs of customers and consumers.

This is when Torani Puremade Syrups was born.

Puremade is expertly crafted with the purest ingredients. What you see is exactly what you get. Puremade Syrups are true to the flavor on the label, so you can create amazing drinks for your customers. They are the perfect balance of flavor to sweetness.

Why are you not calling this new line “All-Natural”?
We decided to stay away from this term because we feel it means different things to different people. This term has lost credibility over the years as it has become more ubiquitous. What we do know is that people like to understand what’s in their food and what’s not in their food and that’s why we are clearly stating on our label:

No artificial preservatives
No artificial colors
No artificial flavors
What can you expect from this line in the future?
We’re not stopping any time soon. We are working hard at developing the next extension of flavors. We also have natural sweeteners on our mind, as we explore clean label solutions with zero sugar. There is much more coming and we cannot wait to share it with you.

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