FMP Chlorine Test Strips, 100 per Vial

Eliminate the guessing game when adding chemicals to your dishwashing sink with these FMP (Frankin Machine Products) 142-1362 SK-TWC-Chrome litmus test strips! These strips are perfect for testing chlorine sanitizers and are made of litmus paper, which is a type of paper that has been specially treated to test pH levels and is one of the oldest ways of testing chemicals.

Simply dip the paper in your chlorine sanitizer solution and compare the color that appears on the litmus paper to the colors on the side of the vial in order to determine acidity. These strips will ensure accuracy when measuring how much chemical you should be mixing into the water of your sanitizing sink.

Note: These test strips should not be stored in an area with high humidity or in an area where they may be exposed to water before use

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FMP Chlorine Test Strips, 100 per Vial

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